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Cool Vibes is a sample of the Yamaha 3 1/2 octave Gold Tour Vibes played with soft mallets. It was played with the motor engaged, Cool Vibes cover imageallowing a true acoustic tremolo and full tube resonance to be recorded. It delivers the classic "cool" sound for a jazz combo, and the tremolo speed was calibrated to match the speed used by Milt Jackson of Modern Jazz Quartet. Eight presets are included with three stereo perspectives.

The instrument was performed by Birger Thorelli of Sweden. His credits include performances and recordings with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Opera in Stockholm, Solid Jazz Quartet and Peter Gullin.

Cool Vibes comes in native formats for Kontakt and GigaStudio. It also can be used with EXS24 (after import). Cool Vibes is US$99.00.

A reviewer for Sound on Sound said, "I can say that the sounds are uniformly well recorded, and still extremely expressive when placed via a standard MIDI keyboard...While it's perhaps too specialist to sell in huge quantities, Art Vista have certainly sequeezed the last drop of versatility out of this library, and, for those who want the unmistakable sound of real vibes, I've not heard better." The full review is available at Sound on Sound.


Sample Library for Kontakt, GigaStudio, and EXS24.* Please note that this library requires the full Kontakt software; it is not for the free "Kontakt Player."

*after import from Giga


Cool Vibes was edited with Magix Samplitude Link