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Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano 2 is leaving the Kontakt Player format and all remaining stock must go. We have therefore lowered the price from $199.00 to $89.00. The supply is limited and when it is gone, VGP2 Kontakt Player will no longer be available. See more...


Groovemaster posterNew Release!

Art Vista releases GrooveMaster - the Tony Newton Bass Libraries. These electric bass plug-ins feature Antonio "Tony" Newton, the legendary "Baby" Funk Brother whose career spanned from the early days of the electric bass - with John Lee Hooker and Little Walter, and as a staff bass player at Motown alongside James Jamerson, through his later fusion work with Tony Williams Lifetime. The series includes three playable sampled bass instruments: Old School Bass, Double Neck Bass, and Bright Funky Bass. The instruments include intuitive "intelligent" playback features that are designed to automatically emulate the playback of a real bass player when played with a midi keyboard. These virtual bass instruments can be switched from fully automatic intelligent playback to complete, or, partial key-switch control. The instrument comes in Kontakt 5 Player format, which supports all major plug-in formats and also allows use as a stand-alone applications. See more...

New Web Page! Art Vista Grapevine (Testimonials, Reviews and Photo Gallery)

Read what Terry Lawless (keyboards/programmer U2 and P!NK), Peter Gorges (virtual instrument pioneer), Yalil Guerra (Latin Grammy winner) and other artists say about Art Vista on The Grapevine page.

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Art Vista and Magix Samplitude

All sample libraries produced by Art Vista since the beginning in 2000 have been edited exclusively with the Magix Samplitude software. In fact, none of our libraries would ever have been possible without its sophisticated audio editing features.

Magix Samplitude